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Protecting Ohio's Constitution:
Fighting Out-of-State Special Interest

Fighting For The Ohio Constitution

The Ohio Constitution is the supreme law of the state, and it is important to protect it from being changed by out-of-state special interests.

Thanks to OHRA’s members, Issue 1 successfully passed last August. This initiative returns power back to Ohio so we can defend our constitution against out-of-state special interests.

A Conservative Voice For Ohio

The Democrats’ radical agenda doesn’t stop there. Last November, Ohio’s Democrats placed language on the ballot to legalize abortion. OHRA’s members strongly opposed this initiative and our voice was joined by millions of Ohioans to reject this disastrous policy. Ohioans made their voice. Heard, it is a pro-life state that supports its women and children.

Every elected official in the state of Ohio must swear to protect the Ohio Constitution. Through the will of the people, Ohioans’ voices were heard. Ohio’s constitution is not for sale, Ohio Republicans will staunchly defend this sacred document from domestic and foreign invaders.