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All Ohio Future Fund: Paving The Way For A Better Tomorrow

Ohio’s House Republicans created the All Ohio Future Fund, a $750 million investment to drive job creation, attract investments, and cultivate innovation. The fund supports site development across the entire state, positioning Ohio as a shovel-ready destination for businesses looking to invest. This ensures that all of Ohio’s communities are ready for investment.

Investing In Economic Development

The All Ohio Future Fund is just one example of how Ohio is investing in economic development. The state is also investing in other areas, such as workforce development and infrastructure improvement. These investments are helping to make Ohio a more attractive place for businesses to locate and operate. Here’s what we are focusing on:

$250 million Invested into housing initiatives

We know how important housing is, so we invested $250 million in housing initiatives to provide relief for Ohio’s families. This includes $100 million in tax credits dedicated to workforce housing, which will enable the development of affordable housing units tailored to meet the needs of Ohio’s workforce. Additionally, the budget prioritizes the development of single-family housing by allocating tax credits specifically for this purpose.

These investments will be used to create and preserve workforce housing units, as well as to provide rental assistance to low-income households. This investment will help to ensure that all Ohioans have access to safe, affordable housing, which will benefit the state’s economy and overall well-being.

Workforce housing is essential for attracting and retaining workers. A lack of affordable housing can make it difficult for businesses to attract and retain workers, which can lead to economic stagnation.

Support For Rural Ohio

Broadband access is essential for economic development, education, access to healthcare, and civic engagement.

Investing in broadband infrastructure is essential to address the lack of broadband access in rural Appalachian Ohio. This investment will help to connect people to the internet, create economic opportunities, and improve the quality of life for all residents of the region.

$ 0

Allocated to the Connect4Ohio Fund, to build out rural infrastructure to better connect Ohioans getting to work.

$ 0

Invested by Ohio’s House Republicans towards broadband pole replacement - increasing access for rural Ohio.