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Fighting Inflation:
Tax Cuts for Hardworking Ohioans

How Inflation Is Affecting Ohioans

Inflation is a major economic problem that is impacting families across Ohio. It is important to have fiscal policies in place that can help to lessen the burden of inflation on Ohioans. One way to lessen the burden of inflation is to cut taxes. When taxes are cut, people have more money in their pockets to spend, which can help to boost the economy. This can also help to offset the effects of inflation, as people will have more money to buy goods and services that have increased in price.

Historic Income Tax Cut

Ohio’s House Republicans delivered a historic income tax cut, combatting President Biden’s runaway inflation and saving Ohioans nearly $3 billion. Under this new system, Ohioans will have two income tax brackets:

By simplifying Ohio’s income tax, Ohioans will have more money in their pockets.

“We’ve lowered, flattened, and permanently cut income taxes, made historic investments in education funding and school choice, preparing our workforce, and protecting our most vulnerable citizens. This budget will have a lasting impact on Ohio for years to come.”

Jason Stephens


Ohio is open for business

House Republicans eliminated the burdensome Commercial Activities Tax (CAT) for 90% of businesses that pay it. Here are some specific examples of how limiting the CAT could benefit businesses in Ohio:

Business Growth Tax Cut

Back-To-School Tax Holiday